From Solo to Superteam!

How to build a 7-figure group practice


From Solo to Superteam!

How to build a 7-figure group practice

Learn what they didn’t teach you in grad school!

Are you ready to stop working evenings & weekends?

Are you confused about how to hire the right people for your team?

Are you curious about how to fill a group practice with clients?

FREE 1 hour Masterclass for Psychotherapists ready to build a 7-figure group practice

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I’m a Psychologist (retired), mom of twins and your business bestie!

In 3 years, I grew my therapy practice to 55 therapists, and generated multiple 7-figures in revenue. In my 4th year, I sold the business and in my 5th year, I retired as a Psychologist!

Let me show you the exact steps you need to help more people, have more freedom and make more money.

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In This Masterclass, You Will Learn ...

The 4-shifts you need to grow!

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From doing it all yourself to replicating yourself

If this sounds impossible - it’s not! Imagine how many problems would be solved with the addition of another you! Your waitlist clients taken care of, continued high retention, and a growing revenue stream!

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From selling your time, to having more time

If you had more time to work on your business instead of in your business, you would be able to develop the systems you need to create the freedom you crave.

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From the ‘someday method’ to the 5-step scaling method

If you find yourself saying some day I’ll...more often than you’d like; the 5-step scaling method will change how you view the growth process and show you the roadmap to a 7-figure group practice.

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From self-doubt to uncovering your inner boss

If one of your colleagues built a group practice and you thought, “What the heck?! How did they do it?” This is one shift that changes everything!


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Are you lacking the cash-flow to grow?

The number one struggle I hear from therapists wanting to grow is that they don’t have the cash-flow to get started. In this guide, I will explain the exact steps I took to increase my income that allowed me the time-freedom I needed to work on my business and not just in my business!

(You should do these even if you’re not ready to scale!)

See you at the Masterclass!

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